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. We commit ourselves to work within the framework of best practice in corporate governance, to
keep confidentiality in all matters, and to carry out every project and request in a timely and
careful manner.

Our experience stems from more than 10 years of practical work in Ukraine and more than 30
years of consulting in Switzerland and abroad. We have accompanied many clients on their way
to this new market. We have seen successes and failures in market entry projects. We know
the do’s and the don’ts, and: we are solution driven. There is no need to reinvent the
wheel, no need to go through costly trial and error periods.
. . benefit from our competence and experience
. optimize time to market !
. enter the market well prepared (business is anyway complex enough) !
Where and how to find us:
Web-mail via
Telefon-mail through dialling +41 (0)43 377 5485
Paper-mail by sending a fax to +41 (0)43 377 5486
Face-mail by visiting our office at Seestrasse 42, 8802 Kilchberg/Zürich
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