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. UKRcham is dedicated to play a strong and active role in assisting Swiss companies in Ukraine and Ukrainian companies in Switzerland to set up new business and to expand existing ones.

UKRcham in Switzerland and SUBA in Ukraine offer to our clients a unique portfolio of full-service functionality – from establishing an enterprise to setting up trade relations, from supporting investments to company management services:
. . Enhancing economic relations between the two countries
. Promoting both countries as advantageous places for conducting business
. Providing essential an concrete information about business opportunities in both countries
. Representing mutual interests of members and taken action to protect, help and further their interests
. Setting up platforms for business leaders to facilitate contacts and to allow for active personal networking
. Facilitating the mobility of companies and people in both countries through a well functioning relocation service
. Running an efficient help desk operation for quick services in translation of documents and finding solutions to current problems
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