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. The Swiss-Ukrainian Business Chamber (UKRcham) is administratively linked to the Swiss-Ukrainian Business Association in Kyiv (SUBA) whose administration duties are fulfilled by UKRcham.UKRcham cooperates with other Chambers and Associations which are active in Ukraine or neighboring countries.
. Excerpts from by-laws :
Art. 1
The Swiss-Ukrainian Business Chamber, (henceforth UKRcham) is an Association („Verein”) as defined by Articles 60 et seq of the Swiss Civil Code with registered office in Kilchberg/Zurich. The association is domiciled at this office and duly registered in the Register of Commerce in Zurich.
Art. 2
The objective of UKRcham is to further the development of economic relations between Switzerland and Ukraine through gathering and dissemination of information on trade and industry, provision of business data and consulting support, mediation of contacts in industry, trade and service sectors, chambers of commerce and industry, and governmental institutions abroad and at home. The operations of UKRcham shall not be conducted with the aim of making profits.
Art. 4
Any individual or legal entity registered in Switzerland or in Ukraine, pursuant to the objectives of the association, can be member upon a written application and approval of the board of directors, with the proviso of Article 65 of the Swiss Civil Code.Application to membership for UKRcham automatically includes membership in SUBA, an additional application is not needed. Membership in one of the associations is excluded.However, the Board can grant exceptions to other associations.
Art. 5
Members must submit their resignation in writing at least 3 months prior to the end of the legal year. Resignation applies to both associations.Member that have resigned or been expelled have no claim to the assets of the association (Article 73, Swiss Civil Code).
Art. 6
Members have to submit annual dues to the association. The AGM Annual General Assembly determines amounts. Annual dues are not reimbursable at resignation or expulsion.
Art. 7
The structure of UKRcham is as follows:
General Assembly
Board of Directors
The General Assembly The General Assembly is the highest body of the association, constituted by its members.Each member of UKRcham has one vote. The quorum shall consist of a majority of the voting members present.
The Board of Directors consists of a President, Vice President and up to 15 Directors. Structure and distribution of duties are determined within the Board. Members are elected for a three years period, they can be re-elected.
The General Assembly elects two Auditors for a three years period, they can be re-elected.
The Board of Directors authorizes a permanent Secretariat with a managing director and employees that work within given guidelines set by the Board. The managing director is subordinate to the Board of DirectorsThe secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day work, the dissemination of information and the networking to all parties necessary to fulfill the objectives of UKRcham.
Art. 17
Income of UKRcham consists of:
Yearly membership dues
Income from print media and conferences
Fees for services to members and non-members
Income from mediation processes
Income from eventual assets
Art. 19
UKRcham’s liabilities are covered by the Association’s assets only. Members are not held personally liable in respect to Association’s liabilities.In order to cover general expenses and operating costs the Association’s Officers are authorized to request compensation from members and third partied for services rendered. Members will benefit from reduced rates.
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