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. The after-mentioned fees are basic charges. Please request a proposal for individual problem solving cases or project. Written proposals respectively LoE (letter of Engagement) we are happy to provide in cases of project sizes above CHF 500. Such a LoE will contain Definition of Problem, Objectives of work, tasks and deliverables and fee structure. Smaller tasks we carry out directly with a simple written confirmation. Below stated fees are excl. VAT (Value Added Tax) should it be necessary.
Task Fee for
Members Non-Members
Inquiries about companies/brands/products etc Free of charge CHF 10 each
Inquiries about specific persons/companies Depending on depth Depending on depth
Provision of addresses w/o verification Free of charge CHF 10 each
Provision of addresses with verification CHF 10 each CHF 20 each
Custom fees und Border crossing procedures Free of charge CHF 50
Customs tariff data for each position Free of charge up to 5 CHF 50
Recommensdation of Lawyers/Consultants Free of charge up to 5 CHF 50
Market Analysis; Competitor Analysis Depending on size Depending on size
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